Listing Setup Process

From the Listing Setup Process (Admin Control Panel -> Settings -> Listing Settings -> Global Settings -> Listing Setup Process) menu admins can choose between two types of listings setup processes:


The standard listing setup process. Contains 4 required steps: details, settings, shipping and preview.


Two step process with only setup and preview available:

Only an active seller account allows product listing. Items can be purchased for a fixed price or put up for auction.

Users must create a listing for each item they want to sell.

In the Front End, click Sell and you will be directed to the Create Listing page.

Next, select the listing type:

  • Auction
  • Product

Select a Main Category and an Additional Category (optional, paid feature).

Note: An item can be listed in only one Additional Category.

Listing Details

From the Listing Details section, the user can:

  • Add a Title
  • Add a Short Description
  • Add a Description
  • Add custom fields (if set by the admin)
  • Add Images (the admin can set a number of free images. Additional images can be added for a price)
  • Add Media (if enabled by the admin)
  • Add Digital Downloads (if enabled by the admin)

Listing Settings

Select form the Listing Settings:

  • Currency
  • Quantity (products only)
  • Buy Out Price (varies on listing type)
  • Accept Offers (optional, paid feature)
  • Start & End Time / Duration
  • Apply Tax (automatically applies taxes for the listing)
  • Other listing type specific settings (see: auction creation or product creation)

Feature your Listing

To increase the visibility of a listing, from the Feature your Listing section, select additional (paid) features:

  • Feature on home page
  • Feature on category page
  • Highlight listing

Auto Relist

From the Auto Relist section:

  • Enable Auto Relist
  • Relist Until Sold
  • Number of Relists (optional)
    Note: The admin will set the maximum number of times that a product can be relisted.
  • Auto Relist if Sold


From the Location section, select:

  • Country
  • State / County
  • Address (item location)


If the admin enables the shipping module, from the Shipping section the seller can select / enter:

  • Pick-up method (No pick-up, Buyer can pick-up, Buyer must pick-up )
  • Postage Amount / Methods (if using item based shipping)
  • Item Weight (if using shipping carriers)
  • Dimensions (if using shipping carriers)
  • Insurance
  • Shipping Instructions

Payment Methods

Select from the Payment Methods section the accepted:

  • Direct Payment
  • Offline Payments

Note: The caption does not list all the available payment options. The admin can, if requested by the user, add additional payment options.

Listing Preview

The Listing Preview screen allows the seller to (re)view the following listing details before the item goes online:

  • Price, item description, quantity & price
  • Payment methods, postage & shipping


When the account is running in Account Mode, users will receive a message confirming that all owed fees have been deducted from the Account Balance.

Alternatively, if the account runs in Live (Pay as You Go) mode, the payment screen will display the required amount for activating the listing.