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Frequently Asked Questions


Go here for the complete list of server requirements.

We strive to make the software installation user-friendly. If you find it challenging, consider our same-day installation service. For any post-installation issues, please open a support ticket or email us, and we’ll respond promptly.

We provide comprehensive support for license holders. Feel free to open a support ticket or send us an email.

Log in the Admin Control Panel and change it. It takes a couple of seconds.

The optional unbranding service lets you modify or remove the visible copyright text on the user end.

No, you won’t need to buy another PHP Pro Bid license. You only need to generate a new activation key from the client area. It’s a free service.


Click here to view the demo. You’ll discover the features that make PHP Pro Bid a cost-efficient e-commerce platform. The demo version is customizable, allowing theme and color modification. See the Front End and log in the Admin Control Panel for a look behind the scenes.

Go to the Members area, log in and download PHP Pro Bid.

A PHP Pro Bid license is valid for one website only. For multiple websites, please purchase additional licenses.

A second copy of the software can be installed for testing/development at no additional cost.

We develop minor updates for major versions to address bugs and enhance functionality. These updates are always free for clients who have purchased the latest version of the software.

After releasing a major version, we will stop creating patches for previous versions. We recommend upgrading to fully benefit from the software. Additionally, license holders receive a discount when upgrading to a newer version.


Yes, with PHP Pro Bid, you can sell only your items. Users can purchase them or place bids. If convenient, you can grant selling privileges to specific users. By default, the software allows anyone to list their items for sale, similar to eBay.

Using an SSL certificate is optional, but highly recommended. All payment details are handled securely by the relevant payment processor. If you have a SSL certificate installed, you can set your site’s URL using https:// rather than http:// from the Site Setup page in the Admin Control Panel.

Most major payment gateways are integrated in PHP Pro Bid. Click here for the full list of payment gateways. If your preferred gateway is not currently supported contact us for integration details.

No, there is no limit. The software is fully scalable.

PHP Pro Bid is designed for mobility, ensuring seamless and responsive user experience on smartphones and tablets.

You can configure localization settings within the Admin Control Panel, including currencies, countries, date display preferences, and more. Customize these options to tailor the software to your specific regional requirements.

Customisation & Translation

Certainly, our official add-ons are available for individual purchase or as a bundle, accessible by clicking here. For custom needs, we can develop specific add-ons upon request. Reach out through a custom request or email.

From day one, we’ve been dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for launching auction platforms or shopping cart websites. We understand your unique vision and requirements and are ready to bring them to life. Open a custom request or send an email to get started. Visit our clients page to explore some of our custom work.

Absolutely. We’re committed to extending your business’s reach. Utilizing RESTful API, JSON, React, and more, we develop user-friendly mobile apps with push notifications for each bid or purchase. For further details or to discuss your mobile app requirements, feel free to create a custom request or email us.

Although the default language is English, we offer a Translation Pack for those targeting non-English markets, covering the following languages:

  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Russian

Click here to download the pack.