Buy a license and get Free Support. Forever.

What's the cost?

Buy PHP Pro Bid for £250 GBP ($323.02/€285.46).

The Perks of Purchasing a Licence
  • The license will never expire, so you can continue using your version PHP Pro Bid as long as you want.
  • Discounted price for every new major release* (v7, v8, etc.). We always recommend to upgrade to the latest version available to enjoy the newest software improvements.
  • Free updates for the version purchased (v7.1, v7.2 etc.). These updates include new functionality and fixes for any bugs reported in the previous version.
Special offer for new and existing customers
Purchase a V7 license now and upgrade to V8 for free!
* offer valid for licenses purchased since March 1st, 2017. 

How do I buy ?

Order PHP Pro Bid here through our secure checkout. Payment is accepted via all major credit / debit cards and PayPal.

What else do I need?

Aside from PHP Pro Bid you will only require compatible hosting. If unsure if you existing hosting provider is compatible please feel free to contact us and we will confirm either way for you. We also offer PHP Pro Bid compatible hosting packages.

* Major releases are time based. We aim to to release a new major version every 18 - 24 months.