Address Book

Easily manage the addresses used on the site. The Address Book (Home -> Members Area -> My Account -> Address Book) feature allows users to set a primary address (the most frequently used shipping or billing address) and add multiple secondary addresses that can be set as primary at any time.

Important: When using the Quick Registration feature, users don't have to provide a physical address. However, when ordering for the first time, the provided address automatically becomes the primary address (see Personal Information or any purchase invoice).

Address Management Features

Options to efficiently add or manage multiple addresses.

Primary Address

The primary address can be edited, but once set, users can only delete secondary addresses. In addition, if there's only one address available it automatically becomes the primary address. If there are multiple addresses, the user can decide which one to set as the primary address.

Important: Primary addresses can be edited unless already used in purchases or sales.

Add & Edit Address

Add a new address at any point. Select Add Address and complete the required fields:

Edit an address:

Additional Admin Interface Feature
Address Display Format

Select address display format (on sales, invoices, etc.).

  • Default
  • Address, City, Post/Zip Code, County/State, Country
  • Alternate
  • Address, City, County/State, Post/Zip Code, Country