Seller Setup


Select from the Postage Setup (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> Seller Tools -> Postage Setup) menu:

Free Postage

If enabled sellers will offer free postage if the invoice amount exceeds the preset value.

Postage Calculation Type
Item Based

Enter postage costs for each listing and select the unit of measurement that will be applied across listings.

Flat Rates

Buyers pay an amount for the first invoiced item. The second (and the rest) is subject to a different amount (each additional item has the same fixed price).

Note: The same values will apply to all postage locations.

Shipping Carriers

Users will receive automatic quotes from the following shipping carriers: USPS, UPS, FedEx, and Australia Post.

When selecting Shipping Carriers, please complete the following options:

  • Select Shipping Carrier
    Select the preferred shipping carrier.
  • Weight UOM (Unit Of Measure)
    Select the weight unit of measurement that will be applied to the listings.
  • Dimensions
    When selecting one of the available shipping carriers (see above) users will also be required to select the dimensions of the package.
Shipping Locations

If selected, items will ship only inside the country where the buyer's shipping address is registered, with the same rate for all locations.


If selected, items will ship worldwide and have the same rates for all locations.


If selected creates custom location groups.

Example 1: Item Based Custom Shipping Location

Two location groups Europe1 (United Kingdom, Ireland) and Europe2 (France, Spain) with two different shipping rates.

Example 2: Flat Rates Custom Shipping Location

For Europe 1 (United Kingdom and Ireland) the seller selected the following shipping prices: $7 for the first item and $3 for each additional item.

For Europe 2 (France and Spain) the seller selected the following shipping prices: $10 for the first item and $4 for each additional item.

Listing Setup

In the Create Listing page, from the Shipping section select/enter:

  • Pick-up method (No pick-up, Buyer can pick-up, Buyer must pick-up)
  • Postage Amount / Methods (if using item-based shipping)
  • Item Weight (if using shipping carriers)
  • Insurance value (optional)
  • Shipping instructions (optional)

From the Returns menu select if to:

Accept Returns

If checked, enables the returns module (on a per-item basis).

and enter

Return Policy Details (optional)

Enter the return policy that applies to the item.