Adult Categories

For users that want to sell adult-oriented items please go to the Admin Interface (Settings -> Site Settings -> Adult Categories) and select from the following options:

Enable Adult Categories

Check to enable the adult categories module.

Splash Page Custom Content

Check if you wish to use custom content for the adult categories splash page.


If enabled, all users who want to browse Adult Categories will have to read a message before being given the option to enter or leave the page.

After checking both boxes and clicking Submit, please go to the Tables -> Standard Categories menu and create a category. As an example, we created the Magazines section that is labeled as an Adult Category.

The Magazines section has three subcategories: General, Lifestyle, and Politics. In our example, we'll upload an item in the Lifestyle category.

Front End


Please notice that Adult Categories will never be available for browsing in the main page or in the Search feature. To find adult items please go to the Browse section or Choose Category option.

When wanting to browse the Magazines category, users will see the following message before being able to see the actual content:

After clicking Enter, users will see the adult listing.