From the Categories (Admin Control Panel -> Tables) menu, users can add classes (elements) of objects relevant to their sites.

Table (header, principal) elements contain tables with subcategories for search purposes. To add new subcategories click on the button on the left side of the desired category.


The Antiques category has been populated with several subcategories related to it.

Alternatively, on the right side of a major category, there's the Edit Options button.

From the menu add/edit the following options:

  • Category Logo
  • Allows the user to upload a logo for the selected category. (optional feature)
  • Meta Title
  • Allows the user to add a custom meta title for the selected category. If left empty, the meta title will be automatically generated. (optional feature)
  • Meta Description
  • Allows the user to enter a meta description for the selected category. Remember that the description shouldn't be longer than 155 characters (including spaces). (optional feature)
  • HTML Header
  • Allows the user to add a custom header for the selected category. The HTML code will be rendered when users are browsing the category. (optional feature)