Site Setup

The first and foremost step in establishing your online presence is to create a memorable site name, upload a logo, and then complete all remaining options.

From the Site Setup menu, select/enter:

Site Name

Enter the site name.

Note: The name will be used for generating dynamic meta titles, and it will appear in all the emails sent by and through the site.

Site URL

Enter the site's URL.

Note 1: The URL must have the following format:

Note 2: If there is an SSL available, set the URL using https:// rather than http:// (optional)

Site Logo

Upload a logo for the website.

Site Favicon

Upload a favicon for the site.

Admin Area Security Key (optional)

Add a security key that will be required to be added to the admin path to be able to access it.

Admin Email Address

Enter the admin email address. This address will be used in the 'From' field by all system emails.

Admin Email From Name

Enter the from name which will appear on all emails sent by the site on behalf of the admin.

Choose Mailer

Available methods:

  • php mail() function
  • unix sendmail app
  • SMTP protocol

Important: SMTP recommended (if available on the server).

Sendmail Path

Enter the unix path for the sendmail app (available in phpinfo())

Production Mode

In production mode, errors are suppressed, and the installer is disabled.