The caching plugin drastically reduces the loading times of a site. It compiles the code significantly faster, thus allowing pictures to load quickly. For more info go to the Lazy Load section.

The caching plugin, exclusively designed for routes and queries, comes with three possible options. From the Caching menu (Settings -> Site Settings -> Caching), admins can use the Caching Engine to do the following:

(Caching Engine) Off

Disables the caching engine. Metadata caching will still be enabled, using the Files adapter.

(Caching Engine) Files

Uses static files for caching (recommended).

(Caching Engine) Table

Uses the database for caching (slower than the Files adapter).


Uses the memcache module for caching (recommended).

Clear Cache

When used clear the site's cache.

Delete Cached Images

When used delete all cached images from the site.