Product Attributes

Product Attributes make it easier to browse through a product inventory. One can assign such features as size and colour for products. Find out which product, and in which combination, has the best selling numbers, and start to market it accordingly. The feature is also the best indicator for when to restock items.


From the Listings (Admin Control Panel ->Custom Fields -> Listings) click Create Custom Field:

Select Checkbox from the Html Element fields:

Enable the Product Attributes checkbox:

Complete Label (example below focuses on Color) box:

Select Category (or categories):

Complete the Options composite field with the special characteristics of the product (following the example, the Options boxes have been filled with three colors – Red, Green and Blue):

Check Searchable (optional) and activate the Product Attribute:


The Create Listing page will display the new options:

Select available colors and sizes. Then, select available quantities for each color and size:

Important: The seller can set a higher price for certain items (see caption above: 1 Red Medium shirt).

Before listing, review available attributes (colors, sizes), quantity and price for each item:


Search for products. Select attributes (color, size, etc.) and quantity, then Add to Cart.

Review order, add address to get shipping quote, then Place Order:

Review Invoice and Make Payment (select payment method):