Being featured on the Stores page guarantees users permanent visibility. It's also a steady income source for site admins. Discover below how to create different types of subscriptions that will enhance the selling opportunities for any store.


Subscriptions (Admin Control Panel -> Stores -> Subscriptions) allow clients to purchase listing services for a specific period for a set price. From the Subscriptions menu, complete the following:

  • Subscription Name
  • The name will distinguish their different features (e.g.: platinum v. standard).
  • Price
  • Prices are based on the subscription's length. A longer subscription translates into a lower cost.
  • #Listings
  • Select the number of listings for each subscription type.
  • Recurring
  • Enter the number of days after which the subscription must be paid. Enter 0 for a one-time fee.

Additional customizable Admin Interface (Settings -> User Settings -> Account Settings) section:

Re-bill Expired Subscriptions (Account Mode only)

Automatic billing of expired subscriptions from the account balance.

Front End

Choose subscription

Select a subscription type.

Payment - Store Subscription

Use one of the available payment gateways to pay the subscription fee.

Review Subscription

Review subscription features.

Note: A disabled subscription can be reversed at any time.