From the Listings menu (Admin Control Panel -> Custom Fields -> Listings) click on Create Custom Field:

Set the Html Element to an available choice.

Set the Html Element to radio, thus allowing (Front End) the selection of one of multiple options.

Note: Available Html elements:

  • text
  • select
  • checkbox
  • password
  • textarea

Complete the Label section with the word (or text) that accurately describes a particular property of an element (e.g.: apparel, doors, bedrooms, insurance, etc.)

Complete the Description (e.g.: select brand name, number of doors, number of bedrooms, price of insurance)

Select the categories that this field will apply to. Leave it empty if it applies to all categories.

Add Attributes for the elements (optional feature).

Complete the Options fields (brand names in the caption below):

Make the element Searchable and click Submit:

Next, return to the main Custom Fields page. To display the new custom field do the following:

  • Add an Order ID number (if left empty the custom fields will be added in the order they were created)
  • Make the custom field Active

When done just click Update and the new custom field will be available in the Front End:

Html Element Attributes

Global Attributes are attributes common to all Html elements (more info).

See below a list of the most important Global Attributes:

  • Placeholder: an attribute that shows a text in a field until focusing on it, when it hides it (find out more).
  • Class: a list of classes that apply to an element (find out more).
  • Id: a unique identifier for the element (find out more).
  • Style: used to apply css declarations directly to the element (find out more).