Make Offer


From the Make Offer (Admin Control Panel -> Settings -> Listing Settings -> Auctions & Products -> Make Offer) menu:

Enable Make Offer

If enabled implements the Make Offer feature for auctions and products.

Show Offer Ranges

If enabled the listings page will display the accepted offer range.


Create an auction, enable Accept Offers, and set (optional) a Minimum and Maximum Offer Range:


The Make Offer button will be on the right side of the screen:

Make an offer, and the next screen will ask to confirm it:

The final screen will display a confirmation message:

Possible Outcomes

Accept Offer

View offers placed on open auctions from the Offers (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> Offers) menu:

Click the Accept button to accept a pending offer:

Counter Offer

Or click the Counter button to propose a new amount:

After making the counter offer sellers will see the following screen:

Withdraw Offer

Offers can also be withdrawn:

The user (buyer or seller) will have to confirm the cancellation of the offer:

The last screen will display a confirmation message:

Decline Offer

The user receiving the offer has the option to decline it:

The last screen will display a confirmation message: