Vouchers are powerful marketing tools. Not only they strengthen the connection with customers, but they are effective because they eliminate unnecessary clutter by getting right to the point. Most customers are price sensitive, and small discounts at regular intervals helps the business lock them in the long run.

Admin Vouchers

To attract (or keep) new users, admins have the option to create vouchers that reduce or eliminate site fees. See below how to create such a voucher:

From the Create Voucher (Admin Control Panel -> Tools -> Voucher -> Create Voucher) menu:

Create Voucher

Create a customized voucher for a seller.

Complete the following fields:


Enter the name of the voucher.

Voucher Code

Enter the code of the voucher.


Enter the reduction the voucher will apply (either a percentage or an amount in the set currency).

Expiration Date (optional)

Set an expiration date for the voucher.

Number of Uses (optional)

Enter the number of times the voucher can be used.

Seller Vouchers

To increase the selling potential of a particular item, sellers also can create specific vouchers. The process is identical to the one described for the Admin Vouchers except for one additional (and optional) step. Please see below:

From the Seller Voucher (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> Seller Tools -> Seller Vouchers -> Create Voucher) menu:

Complete the same steps as above plus

Additional Seller Feature

Assign to Listings (optional)

Enter the IDs of the listings, separated by commas to assign the voucher.

Note: Leave empty to apply to all listings.