From the Relist Settings (Admin Control Panel -> Listings -> Settings -> Relist Settings) menu:

Relist Method

Select the relisting method to be applied to listings:

  • New: a new record will be created, and the old listing will be marked deleted.
  • Same: the same listing will be re-opened, and any sales, bids, etc will be removed.
Enable Auto Relists

If checked, enables the auto relist feature.

Maximum Auto Relists Allowed

Enter the maximum number of relists allowed when creating a listing.

Auto Relist Setup

From the corresponding section in the Front End, select relisting options when creating a listing.

Follow the steps described in the Create Listing menu. In the Auto Relist section, check the Enable Auto Relist box, and the following options will be displayed:

Next, the user will be displayed three options:

Relist until Sold

If checked, the item will be relisted until sold

Number of Relists (optional)

Enter the number of times the item will be relisted automatically.

Note: The admin sets the maximum allowed number of auto relists, as described in the Configuration section.

Auto Relist if Sold

If enabled, the item will be relisted even if sold.

Manual Relisting

From the Selling menu, in the Closed (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> Closed) section, the seller can manually relist closed items.


Select item(s) and click Relist:

The final screen will display a confirmation message:

Note: In Account mode, the listing setup fees will be debited from the seller's account balance.