The Auction page will display the current highest bid, the number of bids, the minimum bid accepted, and whether the Reserve Price (if set) has been met.

After entering the bid, the buyer will see a screen asking to validate the bid:

The next screen will display a message confirming the bid.

Note: A notification email will be sent each time a bidder is outbid.

See the status of a bid or retract a bid from the Current Bids (Home -> Members Area -> Buying -> Current Bids) menu:

Note: If a bid does not match the Reserve Price (red numbers in the caption above) the auction will continue as set until reaching the Reserve Price or any price above it.

Potential Auction Outcomes

The bidder with the highest bid equal to or above the Reserve Price is considered the winner.


The bidder's highest offer has been overtaken by a higher offer. The bidder loses the auction.

Under Reserve

The Reserve Price has not been met, therefore the auction closes without selling the item. It is possible to re-list the item for the same or a reduced Reserve Price.