Auction preparation is important.

Users should look at the available options & features to determine which will yield the highest price for their product.

Explore additional features that guarantee sellers will never inadvertently sell below their preset minimum price. Or features that allow to accept offers or even set a starting price.


From the Auction Settings (Admin Control Panel -> Listings -> Settings -> Auctions) menu:

Enable Auctions

If enabled allows the listing of auctions on the website.


Complete the steps described in the Create Listing page.

In the Listing Settings section, complete the distinct auction type fields:


Set the auction's currency

Start Price

Set a starting price for the item.

Reserve Price (optional, paid feature)

Add a reserve price for the auctioned item. The item won't be sold until it reaches an equal or higher price than the reserve price.

Buy Out (optional, paid feature)

If enabled allows the bidder to instantly purchase an item by agreeing to pay the preset Buy Out Price.

Accept Offers (optional, paid feature)

If enabled allows sellers to accept offers for items. Sellers can also set a price range.

Bid Increments

Go here for a detailed description of the feature.

If enabled, sellers can either:

  • Use the built-in proportional increments table. To add new or remove default increments go to Bid Increments (Admin Control Panel -> Tables -> Bid Increments)


  • Enter an increment amount
Start & End Time

Enter a start time, a custom end time, or set the auction's duration duration.

Apply Tax

Select to apply tax, and choose the tax type

Private Auction

If enabled, all bidders on a particular auction will be hidden from site users. Only auction owners will be able to see bidders' usernames.

Note: Bid amounts will still be visible.

Disable Sniping Feature

If checked, disables the sniping feature for an auction.

Feature your Listing

Select where to feature the auction.

Auto Relist

Check for the listing to be relisted automatically.


Select the country, state/county, and the postal code of the product's location.

When done click Next Step.