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Google Analytics & reCAPTCHA

Google Analytics

Another way to grow a business, besides excellent customer service, is learning as much as possible about the types of users that access the platform. With Google Analytics you have access to valuable data regarding customer preferences and online behavior (plus other valuable customer metrics). The gathered data not only helps you create tailored offers insight on how to improve customer experience.

From the Google Analytics (Admin Interface -> Settings -> Site Settings -> Google Analytics) menu add:

Google Analytics Code

Add, in the field, the Google tracking code.

Google reCAPTCHA

By installing this free program you will automatically get an extra level of security for your business. Google reCAPTCHA eliminates bot intrusions by generating a code that can be completed only by a human. Do not hesitate to use it to create a safe business environment.

From the Google reCAPTCHA (Admin Interface -> Settings -> Site Settings -> Google reCAPTCHA) menu:

Enable Google reCAPTCHA

If checked, enables the Google reCAPTCHA plugin.


Registration Process

If checked, enables reCAPTCHA for the registration process.

Contact Us Page

If checked, enables reCAPTCHA for the contact us page.

Email Listing to a Friend Page

If checked, enables reCAPTCHA for the email listing to friend page.