If you require a more bespoke solution for your project requirements we offer a full customisation service.

All custom projects progress through four key stages:

1) Project Evaluation

Upon receiving your project brief the custom team will contact you to discuss your requirements in greater depth. They will discuss every aspect of your requirements to ensure your project needs are entirely viable within the wide ranging scope of PHP Pro Bid.

2) Quotation

Once your project is confirmed the custom team will provide a quote in terms of both cost and completion time. Once acceptance of the quote is received the project will commence right away.

3) Development, Completion & Client Review

The third stage sees the project get underway. We will keep you fully updated with news on the development. Once development is complete we will contact you to confirm completion and also provide details on where the project can be reviewed.

4) Project Installation

The final stage sees the project being moved from our servers and installed on your website.

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