Version 9.0

Release Date: 8 Jan. 2024

Theme & Design
  • Change: Updated view files and themes to use Bootstrap 5.
  • Change: Disabled right side tabs on the details page.
  • Change: Modified thumbnail helper to create better quality thumbnails.
  • Add: For the keywords field on the left side search, added an "x" button to remove the content.
  • Change: Redesigned index page
    • Sections can be added / ordered from the Admin CP
    • Featured / recent / ending soon / popular
    • Shops (featured / all)
    • CMS sections
    • Home page carousel / adverts
  • Add: sections / components
    • Theme Settings
      - fonts (normal, headlines)
      - color theme dark / light (for header / footer / background)
      - container width: 1080, 1200, 1320, fluid
    • Header Categories Menu - Enable / disable, select which categories to show, enable / disable subcategories dropdown. If enabled, show on click or on hover.
    • Header - Choose between container / fluid.
    • Details page - If single seller, have an option to disable seller display site wide.
    • Details page - Purchase history tab: option to enable/disable, and which sub-tabs to show.
    • Component: Listing Card
      - lines for title (line clamp)
      - action buttons or not
      - wishlist button display: always / on hover
  • Add: New images gallery plugin (
  • Change: Redesigned site fees page.
  • Change: Added sticky behavior to left sidebar on search pages.
  • Change: Redesigned site and sale invoices pages.
  • Change: Completely redesigned module.
  • Add: Allow admin to select the mod rewrite option.
  • Add: Set a security key for the admin control panel.
  • Add: Page to manage newsletter subscribers.
  • Add: Enable language selection for the Admin CP.
  • Change: Separate online users table by visitors, crawlers and suspect.
  • Add: Created a log of all pages visited by a visitor in a browsing session.
  • Change: Allow admin accounts to use an existing / duplicate email address.
  • Add: New V9 admin theme.
  • Change: Unify in admin the messaging section, and display all messages on a single page.
  • Change: Redesigned pages structure.
  • Change: Redesigned dashboard page.
  • Change: Redesigned settings pages, to include searchable anchor links / subsections.
  • Add: Production / development mode option.
  • Add: Display a confirmation popup when sending a newsletter rather than sending right away.
  • Add: Ability to send a payment reminder to all users above their debit balance, instead of sending one by one.
  • Fix: Pagination click after deleting a user account caused an error.
  • Add: Implemented refund accepted and rejected emails and admin refund notification email.
  • Add: Badges for refund accepted and declined in the account history pages (admin and front end).
  • Change: Modified forgot password message to not display if a username / email combination exists.
  • Add: Admin can change usernames for users / admins.
  • Fix: After email confirmation, redirect the user to the members area.
  • Add: "lazy load" on images enabled by default, and modified the thumbnail generator code for images to be generated after page load, in order not to cause page load delays (especially in the case of remote images).
  • Add: Option to enable/disable listing features.
  • Change: On the live counter, do not display minutes and seconds if there is more than 1 day remaining.
  • Add: Enhanced the functionality of the relist module, allowing sellers to list remaining stock if the product has closed, or to relist and reset the stock to its initial values.
  • Change: For relist same - sales and offers are not deleted.
  • Change: For relist new - disabled automatic deletion of items if sold (with admin control).
  • Add: New fields for postage tracking: number, link & carrier name.
  • Add: If logged in, the admin can view unapproved listings on the front end.
  • Change: Updated purchase form confirmation messages.
  • Change: Async listing updates are made only for listings which are in viewport.
Search & Browse
  • Add: Sales / purchases pages search by item id, username, email address.
  • Add: Option in admin to display scheduled listings on front end (home page, search pages).
Cart, Purchase & Shipping
  • Add: New cart, checkout and payment pages designs
  • Change: If direct payment is selected and payment is not made, the cart will remain in the dropdown until payment is made. The "Place Order" button was renamed to "Make Payment".
  • Add: Display the buyer selected payment method on the sale box.
  • Change: Pending carts are linked with user accounts, to enable the checkout option on different devices.
  • Change: Upon checkout, if direct payment is selected, only send the purchase / sale emails are sent only if the payment was successful.
  • Fix: Issue with flat amount vouchers not calculating properly for shopping carts.
  • Add: Option to apply insurance on the shopping cart when a shipping method is chosen.
  • Add: Admin control on the ability for sellers / buyers to delete invoices.
  • Add: Form validator error messages will appear under each field that has an error, instead of at the top of the form.
  • Change: Forms design site-wide, to a vertical layout.
Bulk Lister
  • Add: Async bulk listings import module.
  • Change: The bulk lister tool will skip invalid rows, but will import valid ones, rather than failing if there is an error.
  • Fix: Issue with non-english characters in the csv file.
  • Add: New email theme
  • Fix: Email theme / emails design to display properly in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Add: Admin preview box for email files.
  • Add: Seller option to disable cron related sale notification emails.
  • Fix: Issue with apostrophes in titles displaying incorrectly.
  • Change: Encode subject as utf-8.
  • Add: Preview text in emails.
  • Add: Buyer option to disable favorite store notifications.
  • Add: Advanced cron control for secondary cron jobs, the admin needing to only set up a single task. With the option to set it up automatically, or an advanced option where the admin can set run times.
  • Add: Display last time each cron task was run (Admin CP).
  • Add: Buttons in the Admin CP for each cron type, for the admin to run a cron task manually.
  • Change: Implemented staggered listings cron closing.
  • Fix: Modified unused images cron task, to not update the dates of files when parsing.
Fees & Payment
  • Add: On the account history page, search by transactions by name.
  • Change: For fees tiers, the "From" field can be set as 0 and "To" field can be left empty.
  • Add: The sale transaction fees can be set to be paid by the buyer, seller, or both. Separate fees and tiers can be added.
  • Fix: Separate debits by date, to resolve an issue whereby relisting an item with the same id would cause the new setup fees to be added on the same debit invoice.
  • Add: Sections can be added as remote urls.
  • Add: Sections can be created as language specific, or global. Entries will no longer be language specific, as they are linked with their corresponding sections.
  • Add: New behavior for customizations and add-ons, by using the new "addons" folder, rather than the "mods" folder.
  • Add: Files in the "custom" and "combined" folders will take precedence over files on other sub-folders.
  • Use: for instructions on addons creation / setup.