User Verification

User Verification ensures that users provide accurate information. When enabled, users will have to provide a valid email address, otherwise they won't be able to list items. Admins can also set up a one-time or recurring verification fee that can be credited, at a later date, to the user's account.


Enable, from the Registration & Verification menu (Admin Control Panel -> Settings -> User Settings -> Registration & Verification), User Verification. It will check and validate users according to the information they provide.

Important: When User Verification is disabled, admins can set user status to verified from the Users Management menu (Admin Control Panel -> Users -> Site Users).

Additional Features
Mandatory for Selling

If enabled, users must be verified before being allowed to list items.

Mandatory for Buying

If enabled, users must be verified in order to bid or purchase listed items.

Verification Fee

The admin sets a one time or recurring verification fee. To set up a one time verification fee, enter 0 in the 'recurring every...days' field.

Refund Verification Fee

If enabled, the verification fee will be credited to the user's account after payment. The account must run in Account Mode for the payment to be credited.


Complete the steps described in the Registration page and click the email verification link.

Important: If you login before verifying the email address you will see the following message:

Log in and Get Verified:

The User Verification screen will display the Current Status (verified or not verified) together with a list verification benefits. Scroll to the Get Verified button:

Next, pay the Verification Fee (if enabled):

The final screen will display a payment confirmation message and the expiration date of the 'Verified' status:

Users can check their status in the User Verification section (Home -> Members Area -> My Account -> User Verification):

  • Users cannot verify the accounts themselves.
  • When enabling User Verification, new users will have to provide a physical address.