Keep track of site transactions (listing & transaction fees) from the Accounting menu (Admin Control Panel -> Tools -> Accounting).

From the Accounting menu the admin can do the following:

  • Search for transactions types (Receipt, Debit, Credit, Pending Fund Requests)
  • Sort transactions by date
  • See Debit, Credit and Payments amounts.

Invoice Types

In Account Mode no site fees are automatically settled. Transactions will be displayed as Debit.

Note: Debit (always a positive value) and Credit (always a negative value) invoices will be deducted from the Account Balance.


In Live (Pay as you go) mode, users can automatically settle transactions. All payments made from a Live account will be displayed as Receipt.

Pending Refund Requests

Select from the Account History (Home -> Members Area -> My Account -> Account History) a Sale Transaction Fee and click on Request Refund:

The pop-up screen will ask to confirm the request:

If confirming users will see the following message:

The request will show up in the admin's Accounting (Admin Control Panel -> Tools ->Accounting) menu:

At this point the request can be either accepted or rejected. When accepted the pop-up screen will ask to confirm the choice:

The next screen will show the following message:


Once authorized by the admin, the refunded fee invoice will be displayed as Credit.