Combine Invoices

The Combine Invoices feature ensures an efficient customer experience. It brings together, in a couple of clicks, all unpaid items from the same seller into one invoice. The feature is available for both sellers and buyers. And, it's rewarding at both ends: sellers don't have to keep contacting users regarding the combination of multiple items, and it ensure a lower shipping fee for the customer.


From the My Sales menu (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> My Sales), select two (or more) invoices and click Combine:

The pop-up screen will ask to confirm the decision:

Multiple purchases from the same seller will be listed in the next screen:

Important: Sellers can combine purchases only if:

  • Sale Transaction fees are paid
  • Items prices are in the same currency
  • Items are in the same location
  • Items have the same tax charges status (if taxes are enabled)
  • Items have the same pick-up option selected

Note: Sellers can edit from the invoice:

  • Item Price
  • Delivery Address
  • Shipping Method
  • Tax Rate
    and can opt to
  • Apply Insurance

There's also the option to

Lock Editing

When enabled prevents the buyer from editing the invoice


From the Allow Buyer to Combine Purchases menu (Admin Control Panel -> Settings -> Site Settings -> Allow Buyer to Combine Purchases) enable:

Buyer can Combine Purchases

If enabled, buyers can combine purchased items from the same seller into a single invoice.

Important: Only non-invoiced items can be combined.

From the Purchases menu (Home -> Members Area -> Buying -> Purchases) select two or more invoices and click Combine

Next, from the pop-up menu confirm the decision:

Buyers can edit from the invoice:

  • Shipping Address
  • Postage Method
    and can opt to
  • Apply Insurance

Note: Buyers must follow the same rules as sellers when combining invoices.