Media Uploads


From the Media Uploads (Admin Control Panel -> Settings -> Listing Settings -> Global Settings -> Media Uploads) menu set / allow:

Number of Videos

The maximum number of videos that can be added to a listing.

Note: To disable the feature, enter 0 in the field.

Maximum Size Allowed

The maximum size of an uploaded video.

Note: The caption above is an example. The actual maximum size of an uploaded file will vary depending on the hosting provider.

Allow Embedded Code

If checked, allows the upload of videos using an embedded code.

Important: Supported video extensions: mp4, flv and mov.

Disclaimer: We go to great lengths to integrate a plugin that plays the most commonly used video formats. However, we acknowledge that the plugin might not support certain types of files (or browsers). For additional details please go to


In the Listing Details (Create Listing) section, click Select Media to add a video (or videos) or enter an embedded code:

Example: For YouTube use the code provided when accessing "share" -> "embed" on any YouTube video.


Find a listing in the Selling (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> Open) menu:

Click on the picture and the screen will display full listing details (left side - images & video).