Force Payment

Enable Force Payment to enforce a time frame for the buyer to pay for a product. In addition to the financial side, it allows users to keep track of store invetory and reduces the possibility of selling out of stock items. If the product is not paid within the set period (or set as Paid by the seller) the sale is cancelled. In addition, product status automatically reverts to available for sale.


Important: The module can be enabled only for Products.

From the Products Settings (Admin Control Panel -> Settings -> Listing Settings -> Auctions & Products -> Products Settings) menu:

Enable Force Payment

If enabled, a sale will considered completed only when is marked as paid.

Force Payment Time Limit

Enter the time frame after which unpaid items are reverted.


From the Global Settings (Home -> Members Area -> Selling -> Seller Tools -> Global Settings) menu:

Enable Force Payment

If enabled sales will be automatically cancelled unless marked as paid within a set period of time.


Buyers select a product and add it to cart. In the Purchase Details menu they will see the following message:

Important: When an item is not paid (or its status set to Unpaid), the sale will appear as inactive. Visitors won't be able to see neither seller nor buyer details and won't have access to the Message Board .