Digital Downloads


From the Digital Downloads (Admin Control Panel -> Settings -> Listing Settings -> Auctions & Products -> Digital Downloads) menu enable:

Digital Downloads

Enter the maximum number of downloadable files that can be added to a listing.

Note: Enter 0 to disable the feature.

Digital Downloads Folder

Enter a folder relative to the document root, where the files will be stored.

Maximum Size Allowed

Enter the maximum size an uploaded file.

Note: The above caption is an example. The actual size of an uploaded file will vary depending on the hosting provider.


In the Listing Details (Create Listing) section, click on Select Files to add Digital Downloads.

Note: Allowed extensions: doc, docx, xls, xlsx, txt, zip, tar, gz, exe, pdf.


Uploaded files will be visible only after buying an item. The buyer can see all item specific Digital Downloads in the Purchases (Home -> Members Area -> Buying -> Purchases) section:

After selling an item, the seller can, from the My Sales (Home -> Members Area -> Selling ->My Sales ) section:

  • See the number of downloads of a file
  • Manually activate / deactivate file downloads

Important: A Direct Payment (PayPal, WorldPay, etc) method will automatically activate all Digital Downloads associated with a sale.