Shipping Carriers


Set shipping carriers from the Shipping Carriers Management (Admin Control Panel -> Tools -> Shipping Carriers Management) menu:


Enter the USPS account username & password (optional).

Important: A USPS Web Tools account is required in order to use this module. Click here to create one.


The UPS rate calculator only approximates the live shipping rate. "allow_url_fopen" must be enabled.


Enter Account Number, Meter Number, API Key and Password.

Important: For more information on how to create a FedEx Web Services for Shipping account, and how to acquire the requested details, please click here. The SOAPClient library is required.

Australia Post

Enter API key.If checking Production Mode the module will switch to production mode.

Important: A unique 32 character API key is used to authorize inbound requests to the APIs. To obtain an API key please click here and follow the link to create your Australia Post ID. cURL is required.


Additional modules (carriers) can be added at the request of the client.