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Set up your ecommerce website, attract & keep customers, and build a brand.


Tools for converting casual visitors into registered clients.

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Sign-up Confirmation
Customized account registration process. Select between three types of new account validation: Admin Approval, for manual validation from store owners, Email Activation, for secure confirmation via an email link, or opt for No Confirmation, for automatic approval.
Ensure a secure user environment by demanding new users verify their accounts by clicking the Get Verified box within the Members Area dashboard. It adds, right from the beginning, an extra layer of confidence between store owners and sellers.
A comprehensive feedback system that enables buyers, sellers, and regular users to write and receive reviews, offering an overview of the quality of products and personal interactions. Additionally, users, both buyers and sellers, have access to detailed transaction records, offering a complete perspective on their activities within the platform.
A dedicated message board for receiving bids and sales updates and general discussions between admins, sellers and buyers. Keeps sellers and buyers informed about diverse activities and developments within the platform, creating an engaged community.


Resources for creating and managing tailored auctions. From customized bidding options to a range of time-related features to ensure a good bidding environment.

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Bid Increments
Set a personalized increment for every new bid or, alternatively, refer to the Increments Table to define increments based on specific price ranges.
Proxy Bidding
In the instances when in-person bidding is not possible, the proxy feature submits bids on the user's behalf, stopping only when the bid reaches a pre-set upper limit.
Bid Sniping
To ensure an equitable bidding experience, the feature automatically extends, with a preset time period, an auction when bidding during its final moments.
Bid Retractions
Exclusive to the highest bidder. Participants must wait until their bid achieves the top position to retract it. The minimum time before bid retraction is allowed can only be set by administrators.
Buy Out
Sellers who prefer a straightforward approach and bidders who don't want to engage in bidding wars use this feature. And with the Always Show Buy Out Button feature enabled, the Buy Out option remains available, ensuring that the preset price remains active, even if bids are surpassing the set price.
Auctions Ending Time Limit
When the remaining auction time is lower than a preset limit, sellers won't be able to edit it.
Close Auctions Before End Time
Allows sellers to end auctions whenever they want. The default configuration permits sellers to conclude auctions prematurely when there are no bids or if the highest bid falls below the predetermined Reserve Price.
Limit Number of Bids/Offers Per User
Restricts the number of bids placed by an auction participant. Proxy bids are never taken into consideration.
Change Auction Duration When a Bid is Placed
Allows changing the duration of an auction after placing the first bid.

Shopping Cart

Streamline purchases with our efficient and user-friendly shopping cart module.

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Search & Add to Cart
Multiple searching options: by listing title (mandatory), by keywords, and by category. Once added, users have two options in the dropdown menu: View Cart and Checkout.
Options for a complete shopping experience: adding a Billing Address, selecting Shipping & Payment, and completing, when available, a Voucher Box before placing the order.
Review the product, print the invoice, or contact the seller before completing the acquisition.
Review the shipping method and select a payment gateway. To complete the transactions, all purchases will be redirected to the payment gateway's page.

Fees & Payment

Efficiently collect outstanding bills and integrated payment services.

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Listing Fees
Each time an item is listed, a set of fees applies. Admins can customize fees for Listing Images, Digital downloads, Reserve Price, Make Offer, and more. Fees come in three types: percentage and tier-based, exclusively for Listing Fees, and flat (a fixed amount) for every other fee type.
Sale Transaction Fees
The fee per successful transaction can be set up to be paid by the seller, buyer, or both. Fees can be customized by choosing either a percentage (%) or a fixed amount based on the preset price range for the item being sold.
Fees Calculator
Providing users with a detailed breakdown of the anticipated fees associated with a listing. Users can choose or deselect specific categories for their products to be listed in or featured, and the final page conveniently showcases the total amount to be paid based on these selections.
Payment Gateways
Select from a range of payment options, including PayPal, Nochex, WorldPay, SagePay, 2Checkout, Skrill, Paymate,, and Amazon Payments. You can integrate any or all of these choices into your site. If you have a preference for another method, reach out to us through the custom work (link) form, and we'll provide you with a quote promptly.

Shipping & Taxes

Automatic presentation & calculation of available shipping options plus a transparent breakdown of all the taxes on products.

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Shipping Calculation
Shipping costs need to be specified individually for each listing in the case of the "Item" option, while "Flat Rates," allows a cost for the initial item in a list and a distinct cost for subsequent items.
Free Postage
If an invoice exceeds a certain preset amount, sellers can offer free shipping. Should an invoice exceed a predetermined threshold, sellers can offer free shipping.
Apply Tax to Site Fees
Review the product, print the invoice, or contact the seller before purchasing.
Sellers to Apply Tax on Items
Authorizes users with seller accounts to apply different taxes on their listings.


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Unlimited advertising space and the flexibility to make instant adjustments to your store name, description, logo, and SEO settings. Also, write your company policies, add shipping info, create dedicated store subscriptions, add category pages, and connect with customers effortlessly.
One-stop shop for those who want a simple but powerful one-page website. Effortlessly showcase products or services and provide detailed descriptions to potential buyers in a user-friendly environment. Additional features for efficiently organizing and promoting your listings.
From pages and articles to multimedia integration and adverts management, our CMS module provides the tools you need to showcase your products and services in a compelling manner.
Custom Fields
Sellers can categorize items more effectively by defining specific properties that, in turn, offer additional product information, thus allowing for more informed buying choices.
Cron Jobs & Caching
Scheduled tasks that automatically and periodically execute specific commands or scripts at predefined intervals. The caching module diminishes website loading times by faster code compilation, ensuring swift image loading, and enhancing overall site performance.