Software for your e-commerce website


Select between a standard license for a self-managed website or a VPS solution for a website managed by the PHP Pro Bid team.

PHP Pro Bid V9 is our latest software for your auctions, shopping cart, or classifieds websites. New e-commerce features, redesigned admin dashboard and client interface, and one-click install for your self-managed website.
  • Software license
  • Minor version updates
  • Standard support
  • Discounted price for every major new version
($324.80 USD/€303.26 EUR)

Monthly or yearly subscription for VPS hosting your e-commerce website. We'll also install the software, including every new minor and major version, unbrand it, if you want, and you'll also get priority support. See below the technical details of the offer.
  • Managed VPS hosting
    4 CPUs · 8GB RAM · 160 GB SSD · cPanel · Remote Backups
  • Software license, unbranded
  • SSL certificate
  • Installed minor and major version updates
  • Priority support

£199GBP /month

($258.54 USD/€241.40 EUR)

£159GBP /month