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Before posting a bid, a user should look at the Auctions details page. All relevant info is there: highest bid, number of bids, minimum bid accepted (if set), and reserve price (if set). In addition, bidders are notified (via e-mail and internal message) every time their bid is surpassed.
Bid Increments
Sellers dictate the auction’s flow by enabling the addition of a custom increment amount to each new bid. Alternatively, they can use the increments table (Admin Interface), to apply a preset increment to products within a certain price range. The table’s default settings can be changed at any point.
Bid increments
Proxy Bidding
Buyers set the highest price they’re willing to pay. The platform will post bids, with preset increments, on their behalf until it reaches the authorized amount. Bids are never visible to auction participants. In the event of a tie, the earliest bid takes precedence.
Auction Sniping
Ensure a healthy auction environment. When bidding during the final moments of the auction, leaving no time for other bids, the auction will be automatically extended with a preset time.
Bid Retraction
Only the highest bidder can retract his/her bid. Auction participants must sit through successive retractions until their bid becomes the highest. Admins set the minimum time left on an auction before allowing bid retractions.
Bid Retraction
Buy Out
Sellers can tempt buyers without patience with their preferred price. Also, they must check the “Always show buy out button” to ensure the button will remain available even if there are bids above the Buy Out price.
buy Out