How do you know if you have succeeded?
Returning customers.
They come back because your site allows them to select and buy, in a few clicks, the desired product.

User experience is always the deal-breaker for any online business. Without understanding client behavior and anticipating user needs no site will last. It's not enough to have a good product if it's buried under endless clicks.

And we're exactly in the business of making things easy. Our platform facilitates your access to a wide range of opportunities so you can handle several businesses at once. Plus, it's easy to use both for admins and clients, with a special focus on user engagement.

Blueprint for a successful auction: interesting products and passionate buyers that don't care about the final price.

Best thing about niches? Loyal customers.

Tested niche: craft beer and beer-related products. Our platform turned out to be the perfect match. Easy site management, custom visual work and auctions features - a business that thrives through auction battles.


There's always room for growth. Partslogistics, a business with a longstanding offline tradition and dedicated online community, decided to reach new customers.

It was the natural step - we implemented an auction platform - and things really took off. It's, once more, a great example that the online always provides business opportunities.

Sell Your Lladró
Sell Your Lladró

Another example showing the power of the niche. This is a specialized site that sells exclusively Spanish ceramic figurines produced by Lladró, a producer from Valencia.

It's one of our core missions to design a user-friendly software for newcomers in the eCommerce world - those that want to bring their offline expertise and community into the online.

Infinity Bid Market
Infinity Bid Market

Infinity Bid Market wants to change eCommerce. It's no small task and, judging from their results, we believe they're going to succeed. Unlike their many rivals they decided to focus only on two things: opportunity and transparency.

For us, it was easy to design a simple, straight-to-the-point site that quickly helps customers find products. We think that we had a small part in their rapid growth.

Gold Rush Marketplace
Gold Rush Marketplace

It's hard to find a site that does serious business and it's entertaining.

Most sites want to optimize business excel at one, and don't bother with creating the atmosphere.

Gold Rush Marketplace example of how to struck gold (pun intended). They're selling for a small niche. How big is the secondhand market for heavy machines? But if you look closer you can also buy special dirtpacks with gold inside. And they're for everyone.

It's more than fun. If you're looking to create such a site please take a look below. And remember, always keep it simple and fun.

Mimi Fishman Foundation
Mimi Fishman Foundation

It takes an indie business to design a good auction software for an indie foundation.

The Mimi Fishman Foundation (mother of Jon Fishman, Phish drummer) wanted to integrate an auction platform for Phish memorabilia.

Everything for a good cause.

Naturally, we had to create something that would seamlessly blend with their site. Take a look and you'll see that, no matter the domain of activity - profit or nonprofit -, we can help.

It's your turn to act.