All PHP Pro Bid clients are fully covered by our service and support agreement.  Support is accessible via both support desk and email.

Support Desk Procedure

To receive the promptest level of support we recommend using our online support desk.  To submit your support request:-

  • Create your account on the support desk home page (please have your license details to hand as these are required during registration)
  • Log in using your newly created username & password
  • Click on the "Log A Ticket" option
  • Choose which category your support request falls into
  • Select your ticket urgency level (ranging from 1=Urgent to 5=Query)
  • Enter your support request details including any error messages or as much information as available
  • Click on the "Submit" button to complete your support request

Once submitted your ticket will be lodged awaiting review and response from support staff.  You can track the status of your support request on the home page of the support desk.  You can also update your request at any time as well as post responses to updates from support staff.