The software is instantly downloadable within the client area.

Please see the Requirements page for a full list of server side requirements.

Absolutely, our installation service is entirely optional. Full support is also available should you encounter any problems when self installing.

A second copy of the software can be installed for testing/development at no additional cost.

Each PHP Pro Bid license covers usage on a single live website. Should you wish to use PHP Pro Bid on another website, additional licenses are available with a discount for existing clients.

Full support covering the software is accessible at any time via our client support desk as well as email support.

Certainly, your custom logo can be uploaded quickly and easily within the admin control panel.

The optional unbranding option enables you to change or remove the visible copyright text on the user end.

Should you need to move hosting providers you will not need to re-purchase PHP Pro Bid. You would only need to generate a new activation key from within the client area. This is entirely free of charge.


Yes, PHP Pro Bid offers the flexibility to enable you to use the software to sell only your items. All other users will only be able to purchase items or place bids. You can also grant selling privileges to selected users should you need to do so. Alternatively the software can be used to allow anyone to list their own items for sale by default (a-la eBay).

No, the use of a SSL is entirely optional.  All payment details are handled securely by the relevant payment processor. However, should you have a SSL available, you can set your site's URL using https:// rather than http:// from the Site Setup page in the Admin Area.

All major payment gateways are integrated into PHP Pro Bid. Click here for a full list of supported payment gateways. If your preferred gateway is not currently supported contact us today for integration details.

No, there is no limitation on the number of users, auctions or items you can have on your site. The software is fully scalable.

Yes, PHP Pro Bid fully supports all devices including Desktops, Tablets as well as Cell Phones/Smartphones. Check out the live demo to see how PHP Pro Bid displays on these devices.

From within the admin area you can setup your localisation settings including currencies, countries, date display settings and much more.

Customisation & Translation

Only English is included as standard, however the software has a full multilingual engine in place for the easy introduction of additional languages. The software can be quickly and fully translated into additional languages.

Certainly, the included themes can be fully customised. You can also design and install your own custom themes.

Absolutely, the software can be fully customised as required. It is also possible to install mods/add-ons to further enhance your website.


If running an earlier version of PHP Pro Bid you can quickly and easily upgrade to V7. An easy to use upgrade tool is available which will fully convert all your existing data.

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Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries you have.