If you're from a non-English speaking country and want to focus on a particular community of clients we can help you do it. All the site’s elements have been translated in one of the languages listed below. Thus, you will be able to run the site only in your selected language or in all the languages available. And if you are not completely sure, here's the final argument for buying a license: you'll get the translations files for free.

The software is currently available out of the box in the following languages:

Language Locale
English English en_US
French French fr_FR
German German de_DE
Italian Italian it_IT
Spanish Spanish es_ES
Portuguese Portuguese pt_PT
Dutch Dutch nl_NL
Danish Danish da_DK
Russian Russian ru_RU
Chinese (Traditional) Chinese (Traditional) zh_TC

For a detailed explanation on how to add a new language please consult the Translation Tutorial .

Important: All translations were made from the original English version. While we did our best to ensure the best possible versions, please be aware that we cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of the texts.