Account Settings

Select, from the Account Settings (Admin Interface -> Settings -> User Settings -> Account Settings) menu, a payment option:

Live (Pay as you go)

If enabled, the Live (Pay as you go) mode allows users to instantly pay site fees.

Note: The Live (Pay as you go) feature is available for both types of User Accounts: Global and Personal.

Account Mode

In Account Mode, users pay site fees periodically.

Note: All owed fees will be added to the account balance.

Select how payment options will be applied to user account:


All accounts run using the default payment option.


Admins select, from the Users (Admin Interface -> Users -> Site Users) management page, the payment method for each individual account.

Additional Customisable Admin Interface Features
Signup Credit

The admin can credit an account with a specific amount.

Maximum Debit

The admin can set a maximum debit limit for an account before it's suspended.

Minimum Credit Amount

The admin can set a minimum amount needed to credit an account.

Payment Notification Emails

Accounts that exceeded the debit limit will automatically receive an email notification.

Suspend Accounts over Limit

Accounts with the balance exceeding the maximum debit limit will be suspended.

Cron Invoice Suspension (optional)

Applies only when the admin decides not to suspend accounts that have exceeded their debit limit.

Note: After sending an email notification concerning a payment, the admin can set the number of days after which the account will be suspended.

Re-bill Expired Subscriptions

Automatic billing of expired subscriptions from the account balance.