A newsletter is still the most common form of communication between you and users. Create and send newsletters with targeted content so that you can engage with clients and identify new business opportunities.

From the Newsletters (Admin Interface -> Tools -> Newsletters) menu:

Create Newsletter

Create a newsletter to send users promotions and updates.

Next, complete the following:


Enter the title of the newsletter.


Enter the content of the newsletter.

Note: Html is allowed.

The admin can subscribe users to the newsletter from the Edit Account menu (Admin Interface -> Users -> Site Users -> Edit Account):

Users can subscribe, in the Front End, from the Account Details section (Home -> Members Area -> My Account -> Personal Information)

Note: Newsletters are also sent to the user's registered email address. However, they can decline to receive newsletters by clicking the unsubscribe button at the end of each email.

Newsletter Subscription Box 7.9

Users and visitors can now receive the newsletter without being required to register. They must only introduce their email addresses in the Newsletter Subscription Box. Read below how to activate it.

From the Admin Interface (Settings -> Site Settings ->Newsletter Subscription Box) check the box to:

Enable Newsletter Subscription Box

Check the above checkbox to enable the newsletter subscription box from the footer.

Once enabled the footer will be available in the Front End: