SEO Settings

To make a strong impression for search engines, please complete, the following options. Try to write accurate and fresh content to differentiate the store/site from the crowd. A good online ranking brings more site traffic and, in turn, more selling opportunities.

From the SEO Settings (Admin Interface -> Settings -> Site Settings -> SEO Settings) menu add:

Meta Title

Add a meta title to the home page.

Meta Description

Tells search engines more about the content of the site. The description should be between 70 and 155 characters (including spaces).

Other Tags (optional)

Enter any additional meta tags to add to the site.

Note: Format: key (keywords, robots, etc) - value (string)

Enable Search Engine Friendly URLs

The mod_rewrite Apache extension should be loaded in order for search engine friendly URLs to work.

Important: There are alternatives to this extension if running ngnix or Microsoft IIS.

Home Page Custom HTML

Add custom html to the home page. Add one tag that best describes the website and at least one tag with secondary descriptions.