Homepage Appearance

It takes only a few moments for a customer to like or not (and first impressions last forever) a web page. Knowing that, we integrated an array of customisable features so you can create a homepage with an instant impact that subtly highlight the strengths of your store.

Available Sections

Home Page Featured

Check the box in the Create Listing page (Feature Your Listing section) to display a listing in the home page featured section (paid feature).

Recently Listed

Items listed in this section will be displayed in ascending order according to their posting date (last item posted is first to display).

Ending Soon

This section will display items that are about to expire (reaching listing end time).


The first page will display the most popular items (products with the most visualizations).

Available Settings


Enter the maximum number of home page featured listings that will be displayed.

Tabbed Display

Will display sections regarding listings in a tab structure within a menu.


Will display items either in a carousel containing a specific number of items.

Box Type
  • List
  • Grid