It's about creating the best possible customer experience. Nowadays, most people use mobile devices to look for information and buy products. If you don't have a mobile responsive site, it doesn't matter what you sell. You won't make it. Starting with V7.9 (to be continued in our next major release) PHP Pro Bid is truly mobile friendly. Discover below some of its exciting new features.

Front Page

We designed the responsive page around one idea: make it as easy as possible to use. The major features - Sign Up/Sign In, Buy/Stores and Shopping Cart are always one click away. Less time spend on the beaurocracy of the site means more time for browsing products.

Item Details Page

Easy-scrolling page that goes through all the info required to decide whether to buy an item.

Search Item

Users tend to search and buy on the go. We designed the Search feature to include all the alternatives present in the desktop version without taking up too much space.

Shopping Cart

Customers, either returning or new, won't have any problems ordering prodcuts. The process is straightforward and everything that needs to be completed is on one page. All they have to do is scroll down and click Place Order:

Admin Interface

It's easy for admins to set up or modify site features on the go. Every feature runs on a single page, so they can complete it in a single session.