Additional customisable Admin Interface (Settings -> Listing Settings -> Global Settings) sections:

Title Character Length

Set the maximum character length allowed for the listing title field.

Listing Subtitle

If checked, allows sellers to add subtitles to their listings.

Marked Deleted Listings Removal

If checked, enables the automatic removal of marked deleted listings.

Note: The process will use the cron service.

Closed Listings Deletion

Enter a duration (in days) after which closed listings should be automatically marked deleted.

Note: Leave empty to disable the feature.

Additional Category Listing

If checked, enables the listing of items in an additional category.

Terms and Conditions Box

If checked, displays the listing terms and conditions box on the listing setup process.

Note: In the Content field, enter the terms and conditions that will be displayed.

Display Free Fees on User End

If checked, displays free fees in the Front End.