It's not easy to create a compelling product ad. Thus, to help users create the best possible version of a product description, the software allows unlimited editing on live listings. Every ad is a permanent work in progress because the platform is more than a rigid host of classifieds. It evolves and adapts to the needs of the users. However, to give everyone the same chances during the game, please see below the features that cannot be edited.

Edit Listings features:

Sellers can make changes only on open listings.

For Auctions:

  • Can be edited only if there is no activity (no bids or offers)
  • The remaining duration needs to be greater than the minimum limit set by the admin

For Products, if there is activity, sellers have limited editing privileges.

The following fields cannot be edited:

  • Title
  • Product Description
  • Images

Sellers can edit:

  • Currency
  • Quantity / Stock Levels
  • Price
  • Make Offer