Pay fees only when registering (can be waived), listing (multiple features that enhance listing visibility) and selling items.

Types of fees (charged per item, regardless of quantity available):

  • Flat Fee
  • A fixed fee, charged regardless of usage.
  • Percentage Fee
  • A percentage of a price, charged per item with a price within a price range.
  • Tier Based
  • A percentage or a fixed price, charged per item with a price within a price range.

From the User Signup Fee (Admin Interface -> Fees -> Fees Management -> General -> User Signup) menu set:

User Signup Fee

Enter the amount to be charged when signing up to the site.

Note: Leave empty if choosing not to set a signup fee.

Listing Setup Fees

Pay a fee each time you list a new item (regardless of quantity). To maximize selling potential, please see additional listing fees.

Set up:

  • Fee Amount
  • Enter the fee amount (always a number).
  • Calculation Type
  • A percent (%) or a fixed sum, to be paid from the declared value (value range) of an item when first listing it.
  • Range (From - To)
  • Enter the item price range value.
  • Delete
  • Delete a particular listing fee.

Available Listing Fees
  • Home Page Feature Fee
  • Category Pages Feature Fee
  • Highlighted Listing Fee
  • Listing Subtitle Fee
  • Listing Image Fee
  • Media Upload Fee
  • Digital Downloads Fee
  • Additional Category Listing Fee
  • Reserve Price Fee
  • Buy Out Fee
  • Make Offer Fee

Important: Upon request we can set up other types of listing fees.

Sale Transaction Fee

Pay a fee after selling an item.

Set up a percentage (%) or fixed sum, to pay when selling an item within a preset price range. Complete same fields as for the Listing Fees.

Note: The admin can choose if the seller or buyer pays the fee.