To create a site section, blog entry or an article, go to the Admin Interface and select the Tables menu:

Next, from the Content Sections create or select (if already created) the desired page (in the following example explains the creation of a Help section):

Note: After installing the software, you will see several pre-existent pages: About Us, Contact, Privacy, etc. None of them has content, so please enter you own policies.

Now, complete the Insert New Data section and click Update :

  • Name
  • Enter the name of the section, article or blog post.
  • Route
  • Enter a SEO friendly URL for the section/page.
  • Menu ID
  • Enter the location of the page.
  • Order ID
  • Enter the number of the section (usually numbered in ascending order).

From the newly created section one can do the following:

  • Create subsections by clicking the left-side button:
  • Select Edit Options by clicking the right-side button and complete the following options:
    • Meta Title
    • Add a meta title for the section, article, blog entry, etc. If left blank, the meta title will be automatically generated.(optional feature)
    • Meta Description
    • Add a meta description. It shouldn't be longer than 155 characters, including spaces.(optional feature)

    After creating the Help section, go to the Site Content menu to explore further options.

    From the menu, one can:

    • Create Page (create additional pages with a menu)
    • View Sections (Admin Interface -> Tables -> Content Sections)
    • Edit or Delete pages