Upgrading From PHP Pro Bid v6.x

PHP Pro Bid V7 includes an upgrade tool which will upgrade sites running PHP Pro Bid V6. To upgrade your site to V7:

Important:- Before proceeding we would recommend backing up both your existing files and database.

  • Download the V7 kit from within the client area
  • Unzip the files to your local computer
  • Using your preferred FTP client connect to your server and move or delete all files and folders of your existing PHP Pro Bid V6 installation, with the exception of the "uplimg" folder
  • Upload the V7 files on the server
  • Once the files are fully uploaded access your site at http://www.your-site-here.com/

The installer will guide you step by step through the required fields including:

  • MySQL Hostname (usually localhost but may be an IP address or specific hostname, this will typically be confirmed within your hosting control panel or can be confirmed by your hosting provider.
  • MySQL Database Name
  • MySQL Database Username
  • MySQL Database Password
  • Enter a table prefix (can be left as default unless you wish to specify a custom table prefix)
  • Create a username for your admin control panel
  • Create a password for your admin control panel
  • Enter your site URL (can be updated at any time in the admin area)
  • Enter your site name (can be updated at any time in the admin area)
  • Enter your email address (can be updated at any time in the admin area)
  • *Tip! This information can be confirmed within your existing /includes/config.php file
  • Press the Proceed button to complete the installer
  • On the next page select the option to import V6.x data
  • The upgrade tool will now automatically convert your existing data to V7

Congratulations! - Your website is now running PHP Pro Bid V7.

Should you encounter any problems when installing please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.