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User Management & Settings

User Registration Form

Choose between a “Quick” or “Full” registration form. If opting for the quick option users will only be requested to provide basic details initially (username, password and email address). If opting for the full option new users will be requested to enter their postal address, phone number, date of birth (optional) etc as well as any custom registration fields you create.

Registration Settings

Choose how new users complete/activate their account. You can opt to use no email confirmation/activation or ask the new user to confirm their account in an email or if preferred opt to manually approve all newly registered users.

User Verification Settings

Choose to enable/disable the verification system. The verification system covers both buyers and sellers independently. Each verification system can be set to mandatory if required. If opting to use the verification system you can set the verification fee and any recurring period i.e. “$2.00 verification fee every year”, or opt to make the fee a one-time fee. You can also choose to refund any verification fee you charge as site credit.