Tables Management


Fully manage your categories including:

  • Add/edit/delete categories
  • Enable individual fees for specific category (for example you may wish to charge different fees if listing a certain type of item i.e. Automobiles etc)
  • Specify a custom display order
  • Upload a custom logo/header for each category
  • Add custom meta tags for each category

Fully control/manage countries (and linked counties/states/provinces) – you can also specify a custom display/selection order for countries.

Listing Durations

Add/edit/delete listing durations.


Add/edit/delete currencies, you can also add a custom display symbol for each currencies i.e. $/£/€ instead of displaying USD/GBP/EURO. You can also custom set an exchange rate if required.

Offline/Manual Payment Options

Add/edit/delete offline payment options. These work outside of the integrated payment options. These options are selectable by sellers to advise buyers that they can accept payment through these methods in addition to any on-site method selected.

Content Sections

Manage CMS custom content sections. Each section can have one or more articles added in it. Articles will be added through the "Site Content" > "Content Pages" section.