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Main Site Settings & Controls

Time & Date Control

Set your preferred time zone and date display format (mm/dd/yyyy or

Multi Language Control

Enable user language selection, if you add additional languages to your site this will enable your users to easily switch between available languages.

SEO Settings

Add a meta title for the main page, meta description, as well as custom meta tags (keywords, robots, Google verification etc).

Google Analytics

Quickly and easily add your Google Analytics code should you wish to use the tracking service offered by Google.

Single/Selected Seller Control

Choose whether to setup your site so that any registered user can sell items (default setting), or opt to select which users can sell items.This feature is particularly useful if you wish to use the software to sell your own items only (registered users will have no selling capabilities).Should you choose to enable this feature you can grant selling capabilities from within the “User Management” section of the admin control panel.

User Messaging Control

Select whether or not you wish to allow for your users to message each other.You can also opt to enable/disable private communications between your users. If you enable messaging you can fully manage (view/edit/delete) any messages between your users from within the admin control panel.

Preferred Seller Settings

This feature enables you to make chosen users “preferred” users, any user who is set as a Preferred User will receive a set percentage reduction of any site fees they incur.You can control what this percentage reduction should be and also set an expiry period for the preferred status.This can be beneficial if you wish to offer a specific user(s) a promotion i.e. “50% of all site fees for 30 days”.

Invoice Settings

Customize your invoice display/settings including your invoice address as well as custom header/footer comments/content.

Social Media Settings

Enable/Disable the Social Media integration (Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest).

Cookie Usage Acceptance

Primarily for European clients/sites you can enable/disable the display of the Cookie Usage Acceptance message. The message displayed can also be customized.