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Global & Display Settings

Home Page Display Settings

Control how many home page featured, recently listed, ending soon and popular items are displayed on your home page. You can also control the image size of home page displayed items.  There is no upper limit on the number of home page featured items you can have as these are displayed randomly.  For example if you enable six to be displayed and there are 50+ items selected for home page featuring these will be rotated to ensure each item receives fair and equal home page exposure.

Currency Settings

Fully control your currency and related settings.You can set what your site default currency is, your currency display format(US or non US), the number of decimal places to display and the position of the currency symbol i.e. before ($ 1.00) or after (1.00 $) the amount.

Item Image Settings

Set the maximum number of images a seller can upload for any item. The controls enable you to specify a maximum file size for each image uploaded. This section also gives you control to enable/disable remotely hosted images being used by sellers as well as setting a custom watermark for use on all images uploaded.

Item Media Settings

Similar to image controls you can set how many media files can be uploaded per item as well as the maximum file size for each individual media file. You can also select whether or not to permit embedded code (for YouTube content etc).

Item Approval Settings

Choose whether or not you wish to manually approve each listed item.By default this is disabled so that all items listed go live immediately once submitted by the seller. If this feature is enabled you (as the site owner/management) must manually approve the item from within the "item listing" management section in the admin area. This feature can be of particular use if you are targeting sellers who list age restricted items or such like.

Auto Re-Listing Settings

Enable/Disable automatic re-listing.If enabled sellers can choose to automatically re-list an item on your site once it has closed. You can set the maximum amount of times a seller can set to automatically re-list their item.In addition you can control how re-listed items are managed by way of a fresh listing or the closed item re-started.

Additional Listing Categories

Choose whether or not sellers can list in two main categories or just one. You can opt to charge a fee for listing in a second category.