Client Management

The client management section gives you full control over all registered users on your site.  Control options and settings include:

  • Overview of all registered users with filtering and search options covering active users, suspended users, store owners, verified users + many more
  • Edit a user account including their personal data (name, address, email address and related settings)
  • Customize individual use settings including – billing mode, account balance (if using account mode), maximum debit limit, verification settings, listing capabilities, preferred seller status and store settings
  • View the account/billing history for any user
  • View all listings for any seller
  • Log in as any selected user (access the user end using their account)
  • Send a payment reminder if required
  • Contact any individual user
  • Activate/Suspend/Verify any account
  • Manage feedback left by users
  • Create a new user account
  • Add additional admin accounts with access restrictions