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Auction & Product Settings

This section of the admin area enables you to select whether auctions and items can be listed by sellers or only auctions or items.  For example you may wish to only offer auctions a-la eBay, or perhaps a store front only a-la Amazon or a mixture of the two.

Auction Related Settings

Editing Time Limit

Specify the time limit before item editing is blocked. For example you may wish to stop sellers from editing their auctions when it has 12 hours or less to run. You can set the time limit as preferred

Anti Bid Sniping

If enabled you can automatically extend an auction when a bid is placed within [X] minutes by a further [X] minutes.[X] can be set to anything that is preferred, for example 5 minutes.This feature can be used to stop bidders from intentionally waiting until the last second to place a winning bid and therefore deprive other bidders from re-bidding.With this feature enabled the auction will automatically extend by the amount of minutes set.Only when no new bids have been placed within the minute setting will the auction end and a winning bidder be decided, for example, if the setting is set to [5 minutes]

Current Bid $100.00

Scheduled Auction Close Time 13:30

Bidder A Bids $105 at: 13:27

New Auction Close Time 13:32

Bidder B Bids $110 at 13:31

New Auction Close Time 13:36

The auction will end at 13:36 and bidder B wins for $110 should no further bids be placed.

Bid Retraction

Choose whether or not bidders can retract any bid placed.If enabled you can specify a time limit which controls how much time should be left on an auction before bid retraction is blocked.For example you may wish to stop bid retraction when there are 3 or less hours to run on the auction.

Change Auction Duration When Bid Is Placed

This feature can be used to secure a sale quicker than waiting for the auction to reach it’s scheduled close time.If enable you can control what the new duration should be when a bid is placed.This feature can be of use to sellers who set a long duration on their items but wish to sell as quick as possible.For example a seller may list an item with a duration of 90 days, with this feature enabled the duration can be reduced to 2 days once a bid has been placed (the amount of days can be set to anything preferred)

Second Chance Purchasing

Set whether or not sellers can offer their item to a losing/outbid bidder.If enabled a seller can make a “Second Chance” offer to a losing bidder if the winning bidder has not paid for the item or has not been in contact with the seller.You can set how many days should pass before the seller has this option available to them (or opt to make it available immediately)

End Auctions Early

Control whether or not a seller can close their item early with a bid(s) being placed.Sellers can by default close any listed item, however this feature controls whether or not a seller can close an item once a bid has been placed.

Proxy Bidding

Enable/Disable the proxy bidding option.If enabled a bidder can enter a “High/Maximum Bid”, the software will then automatically re-bid for this bidder until their “High Maximum Bid” is beaten by another bidder. For example

With Proxy Bidding enabled

Current Bid $100

Bidder A Bids $500.00 – Current Bid remains at $100.00

Bidder B Bids $250.00 – The software automatically re-bids for Bidder A

Current Bid stands at: $250.00 (Bidder A is winning)

Bidder C Bids $450.00 – The software once again automatically re-bids for Bidder A

Current Bid stands at $450.00 (Bidder A is winning)

Bidder D Bids $550.00

Current Bid stands at $550.00 (Bidder D is winning)

With Proxy Bidding disabled

Current Bid $100.00

Bidder A Bids $500.00

Current Bid stands at: $500.00

Bidder B Bids $600.00

Current Bid stands at $600.00 (Bidder B is winning)

Control Number Of Bids & Offers

If enabled individual sellers can set how many bids/offers any individual user can place on their item (no limit by default)

Product Related Settings

Unlimited Durations

If enabled sellers will be able to list their items with no close date (ideal for running a store).If wishing to use the software for stores only you can force unlimited durations.

Enable Shopping Cart

If enabled select whether or not the shopping cart is available to all sellers or only sellers who have a store subscription.

Force Payment

if enabled buyers need to make payment within [X] minutes otherwise the reserved item goes back on sale or back in stock.[X] minutes is set within admin.

General Auction & Product Settings

Buy It Now Control

Choose whether or not to enable “Buy It Now” on auction listings, if enabled sellers can specify a fixed amount they will accept for their item.

Make An Offer Feature

Control whether or not enable “Make an Offer”, if enabled sellers can opt to invite offers between two amounts, for example “Will Listen to offers between $100 and $150”, you can also control whether or not the offer range set by the seller is displayed to buyers or hidden.

Shipping Settings

Choose whether or not to enable the shipping features within the software.If enabled sellers can setup a wide range of shipping options and services.You can also control whether or not a “Local Pick-up” option is available and whether or not a seller can choose to receive “Returned Items”

Other Items Display

Control if and if so how many “Other Items” from the same seller are displayed on the product details page

Downloadable Items

Enable/Disable downloadable content.If enabled sellers can attach digital content to their listings which becomes downloadable to buyers once the item has been paid for.This can be particularly useful if sellers wish to sell items such as e-books, music/video downloads or other digital content.As site admin/management you can control how many files a seller can attach to each listing as well as setting the maximum file size for each upload.

Sale Fee Refunds

Select whether or not you wish to accept sale fee refund requests.If you opt to charge a sale fee this option controls whether or not a seller can request a refund should they encounter a non paying buyer.You can also control how long a seller has to raise a refund request.Any refund you accept is credited to the sellers site account balance.